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Candle Care


I love a two hour session – Your first burn is the most important one! Allow me to melt to the edges of the jar before blowing me out, this will keep me even and on point each time.

Next, strip me bare – Remove the crystal as I start to melt, use a teaspoon then wash in warm soapy water. Set your intention and keep it next to me, where my gentle illumination will charge it with energy.

I like a clean cut wick – I’m not a fan of the mushroom cut, before re-lighting keep me trimmed and sleek to 5mm with a wick trimmer, and my smoke will burn clean.

I hate being left alone – Although a 2 hour session is lovely, 3 to 4 hours is my max. Please don't forget about me or leave me unattended. Keep me out of reach of pets and children and place me on an even heat resistant surface or a coaster.

I'm a passionate greenie – When 1cm of wax remains wash me with warm, soapy water and I'll be yours forever. If you wish to part ways, please recycle me.

I’m oh so natural - 100% pure! I'm made with premium natural soy wax.